The Clump Program

Author Patrick Chkoreff
Created 2003-12-15
Modified 2010-07-24
Current Version 07


The clump program compiles and links your C programs portably and intelligently so you don't have to fuss with makefiles.

It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License described in the LICENSE file included with the source code.

For more detailed information, see the README file at github.

How to download or browse the Clump source code

Download or browse the code at Github.

That's a good option if you just want to look at the code without downloading it.

Download the code directly from this site as a compressed archive.

If you use this option, you can check the validity of the archive by running this command:
gpg --print-md "*" clump07.tar.gz 
That will compute the checksums, which should look like this:
clump07.tar.gz:    MD5 = 6F 3A 7D BE C3 C8 8A CF  74 52 F3 B8 4A AF D5 90
clump07.tar.gz:   SHA1 = B117 BF2D 4D42 A259 9709  60E4 AACA C97A DD7E 5AD0
clump07.tar.gz: RMD160 = E6B5 92A9 4249 01D5 4100  0D6B 6E7F BCB2 9C99 EC95
clump07.tar.gz: SHA224 = C593EABB 6AF6524D D732B436 E7F08433 D430F0A0 D41588E8
clump07.tar.gz: SHA256 = 29A5C05B BE7333F7 7D8D1C99 28B248FB E1736839 DDB217C2
                         1F065C24 F4A70869
clump07.tar.gz: SHA384 = 5FEC7311 1D4DF507 AC265E84 622C9FAC 00419A7F E56588A5
                         DF924192 1B5ADD6A EF749774 08BAEDEA 4C341E63 EC615FED
clump07.tar.gz: SHA512 = C18A8C6E 1E9FA208 ADA4EC66 2FFADC3B 68883936 439FA692
                         89BE7413 F78E3B5B 55A12CAE 60371A9B D55525EA 23A02765
                         8DAC5F68 FF8347F2 962BFB2C C34023B9
If you don't see those checksums, you don't have the authentic code, and you might want to try downloading again.

How to install Clump after you've downloaded the source code

For installation instructions, see the README file at github.