Fexl - a Function Expression Language

Fexl enables you to embed functional programming into your C code in a highly efficient and secure way. You can create the functional structures yourself within C, or you can call the standard parser to build them from a textual language. The language has a small grammar and a small implementation. Here is some sample code.

(Fexl is pronounced Fex'-uhl, similar to "pixel".)

The new approach

The project now has a new modular structure, enabling the development of separate components which share code and build utilities with each other. For example, you'll see two separate directories "base" and "test", one for the essential base code and another for some test code added on later.

Browse or install the Fexl source code. (Updated Thu 2014-04-17)

The old approach

Formerly I was doing everything in one big "kitchen sink" C program called "fexl". I'm deprecating that whole approach.