Fexl - a Function Expression Language

Fexl is a simple but powerful scripting language. It allows you to manipulate numbers, strings, streams, and functions easily and reliably, all within a secure "sandbox".

(Fexl is pronounced fex'-uhl, similar to "pixel".)

To obtain Fexl:

Browse or install the Fexl source code. (Updated Fri 2016-12-09)



2015-11-20 Well this is interesting: Live code editor at gistrun.com.
2015-05-20 Fun Factoring Fexl Functions
2015-05-17 Use this live interpreter to run arbitrary Fexl code on this server (restricted to safe operations of course).
2015-04-17 Dramatically simplified and accelerated symbol resolution
2014-11-24 Slight Change to Evaluation Loop
2014-11-22 Dilemma Resolved!