Fexl - a Function Expression Language

Fexl is a simple but powerful scripting language. It allows you to manipulate numbers, strings, streams, and functions easily and reliably, all within a secure "sandbox". (Fexl is pronounced fex'-uhl, similar to "pixel".)

Installing Fexl

You may browse or download the Fexl source code at github.com. (Updated Sat 2018-06-23)

Usage Guide

Here are some guidelines for configuring a new installation.

Here is a guide to control structures in Fexl.

Here is the index of predefined functions.



2018-08-17 I am now using Object-Oriented Functional Programming (OOFP) for real projects. The technique is based on immutable objects. I'll write more about it later. For now, here is a comparison of the C++ versus Fexl syntax for calling an object method:
C++    o->f(x)
Fexl   o "f" x

In Fexl, an object is simply a function which is applied to the name of a method, followed by the zero or more arguments required by that method.

2015-11-20 Interesting live code editor at gistrun.com.
2015-05-20 Fun Factoring Fexl Functions